Frequently Asked Questions – Summer Courses

List of questions

Organization of Norwegian language classes

Is the schedule of classes fixed?

Before the start of classes, a specific schedule is agreed with you, tailored to your daily schedule. We stick to this schedule throughout the intensive online Norwegian summer course.

Is it possible to postpone classes?

Both the student and the teacher have the right to postpone the classes once during the course. Classes should be done at a mutually convenient time, no later than a week after the planned end of the course.

What if I have to suddenly cancel my classes?

Classes may be postponed to another date in the event of a sudden illness, accident or internet connection failure. Otherwise, we must consider the lesson realized.

On what days and at what times can classes be held?

You decide on the schedule. The intensity of the meetings is 3 x 60 minutes a week. Lessons are held from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

I don’t know what level of language knowledge I am at. Then what?

Does not matter! Before you start studying, our office will be consulted for a preliminary assessment. Then your language mentor recognizes your level exactly.

Do I have to buy study materials, textbooks separately?

There is no such necessity. You get access to all the didactic materials necessary for the course in the form of electronic access for the duration of the course.

When can I start learning?

Intensive summer courses run from week 26 to 36. You can start at any time, even in the middle of the week. Just let us know in the form or during the e-mail / telephone consultation.

Will my course be run continuously by one teacher?

Yes, as long as it is technically possible. It may also happen that the teacher will be temporarily replaced by another teacher during illness or vacation. The change may also take place at your request.

What if, despite all my best efforts, my cooperation with the teacher did not go my way?

You have the right to change the teacher at any time. In this case, contact the office and present your request with any comments.

Is it possible to study with two people? How much it costs?

Yes, but it is advisable for people with the same language level and goal to learn. Each person then receives a discount.

How are the lessons held?

Classes are held online. The teacher connects to the student via Skype or alternatively – if Skype cannot be used – via another communicator agreed by both parties (eg Messenger).

Who will teach me?

Our teachers are mostly university graduates with experience in teaching, but there are also native speakers of both Polish and Norwegian who have lived in Norway for many years.

Will Magda Szczepańska lead my lessons?

Currently, Magda spends most of her time managing the company and developing related projects. Although she occasionally conducts lessons for her regular students, she cannot take on new ones.

Formal issues related to the Norwegian course

Do I have to sign a contract to study at Trolltunga?

Yes, before starting classes, but after the initial technical meeting, we sign the agreement. There is no need of printing or scanning. The signing process is performed online via Autenti system. We can prepare a contract for an individual and a company.

Can I get an invoice for the course?

Yes, both if you are a natural person or if you represent a company, you will receive a VAT invoice for the course. Additionally, if you pay in cash, you will receive a cash payment confirmation (KP form).

What are the payment methods for the course?

You can pay for the course by transfer to a Polish bank account or in cash at the office. At the moment, the office works remotely, so we prefer a transfer.

What are the transfer details?

Recipient’s name: Trolltunga sp. Z oo Address: Ul. Polanki 67c, 80-306 Gdańsk. IBAN account number: PL 48 1050 1764 1000 0090 3067 3389. SWIFT: INGBPLPW. Name of the bank: ING Bank Śląski SA

Can I resign from the course during its duration?

Yes, but there is monthly termination period, so no funds will be returned.

Will I receive a document confirming it after the end of the course?

Yes, we can prepare a diploma in Norwegian for you, specifying the duration of the course, number of hours of classes, a textbook and any additional notes about the course.

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