Join us and become an online Norwegian teacher

Trolltunga is an unconventional Norwegian language school, in which we focus primarily on exploring and developing the linguistic potential of each student.


We want to give our students what we have the best.

Trolltunga is not only a school, but also our Norwegian home. We want our students and guests to feel comfortable in it and thus efficiently achieve their language goals.


To become a Lector …

you need to know Norwegian very well and be substantively prepared to conduct classes at level B1 or higher.

What else should characterize you?

  • fascination with the culture of Norway
  • openness to partnership cooperation and clear communication
  • empathy and communication
  • focus on the student’s motivation and progress

What will you do as Lektor?

You will become a friend and mentor of students wishing to train Norwegian

  • you can conduct one-to-one online Norwegian lessons, 1-on-1 or in pairs
  • you will pass on knowledge about Swedish culture and customs
  • you will help students achieve their goals and be successful

Where, how much and for how much will you work?

  • online with Skype
  • ultimately, at least 60 hours a month, at least 12 hours a week
  • ready to work for at least 4 working days between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. (the greater the availability, the better)
  • at the hourly rate FOR START, PLN 40 net (on hand), i.e. at least PLN 2,400 per month (mandate contract)
  • in the case of B2B cooperation (self-employment) FOR START, the hourly rate of PLN 65 gross, i.e. PLN 3,900 per month
  • the increase in the rate depends on the time of cooperation and commitment

What will you get additionally?

  • full training before starting work, carried out under the supervision of our methodologists
  • substantive support of methodologists during work, including assistance in the preparation of learning materials
  • access to a wide base of Trolltunga teaching materials
  • full support of the office in the field of work organization, HR and administrative matters

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